Welcome to The Compassionate Culture!

Share The Compassionate Culture!

I am so excited you just joined The Compassionate Culture!

All I want is to inspire you to enrich your life through faith and prayer and to build a loving community of compassionate souls.

I know what it is like to live WITH and WITHOUT God. My life is so much richer with God and I want that for you, too!

What can be wrong with that?

We can also change our culture to a Compassionate Culture by bringing Him back into our lives and the public square.

Please share the The Compassionate Culture with everyone you know—faith filled or not! Think about the impact we can have if everybody was starting off their week with a little view of how God wants us to live ... in the Gospel!

I will make the Gospel simple, fun and applicable to our everyday modern lives—especially for those who have never read the bible, don’t practice any faith and don’t think they need God.

We need to share and comment on how we are living the Gospel (or not) so we can have support and prayers from our rapidly growing family.

Thanks for spending a few minutes a week with me and I look forward to bringing you the only GPS we should follow—The ‘God Positioning System’—the Gospel.

Welcome—Have a Blessed and Inspired Day!