Want to 'Find Something More' in Your Life?

Are you stressed out, anxious and fearfulworrying that you are never good enough?

Do you want that energy, confidence and courage you see radiating from some people?

Do you want that feeling of love, purpose and serenity—that YOU make a difference?

Maybe ... Just Maybe ... You Need GOD!

But, you don't have time for God!

Or you have issues with organized religion or think God might not want you back since you have been gone so long?

Or you don’t know anything about Catholicism and don’t agree with its teachings?

Or you don’t understand God's importance in life?

I get it! That was me!

I thought I was living the dream—executive career, houses, boats, great family, friends and indulging in every comfort I could find! But I constantly compared myself with others and kept trying to 'find something more' in alcohol, drugs, food and other destructive behavior - making me feel even worse.

I was filled with stress, worry, self-doubt, fear, emptiness and I thought this was how life was supposed to be ... Until GOD found ME ... because I sure wasn't looking for Him.

The joy, peace and love I have through His grace has transformed my entire life and I cannot keep it to myself!

EVERYONE needs God in their life ... He will help you change and lead you to the sweet life you were meant to live!

From the C-Suite to God's Suite!

"Good-bye Executive Career in Corporate America!"

As a Speaker, Radio Host, Podcaster, Vlogger and Author I am passionate about sharing my faith, supernatural transformation and spiritual experiences while helping others on their journey.

My Mission:

To help others deepen their relationship with God and the Faith!

I am here to help you "Find Something More" ... there is only ONE answer and HE will change your life forever!

Trust me, I know - I am living proof!

Need a Speaker?

Kendra will inspire your audience and fill them with hope as she shares her transformation and spiritual experiences with her humor, authenticity and down-to-earth style.

Kendra's Retreats and Parish Missions will ignite the Spirit within and your audience will leave changed!

Need Some Help On Your Spiritual Journey?

Want some support and inspiration to keep God first in your life? Feeling stuck? Struggling to hear God? Not sure how to pray or fight distractions to stay focused?

I'm here to help!