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Want to take your relationship with God to the next level?
I am here to help!

I bought the lies this world said would make me happy ... money, prestige, power and pretty much do whatever I want. I left my Executive career behind when God found me, flipped my reality upside-down and transformed my life.

I am a Catholic Speaker, TV News Anchor, Radio Host, Author and Podcaster who is passionate about helping others deepen their relationship with God and the Faith.

I offer a variety of different services to support and inspire you no matter where you are on your spiritual path!

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Truth be told, I spent most of my life seeking acceptance, peace, love, and happiness in everything and everyone ... except God.

In the beginning, I didn't want to change. But God transformed me from within and I have never been so joyous and peaceful. I want this for YOU!

I want to help guide and support you through the peaks and valleys along your journey. I bare my soul to you and share the proven practices that have helped me deepen my relationship with God so you can, too! 

Let's "Find Something More" ... and walk the journey together!

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Speaking, Retreats & Parish Missions

Kendra is known for her down-to-earth style mixed with the right amount of humor and emotion. Her joy is contagious as she speaks at Conferences, Business Leadership Events and Events for Men, Women and Young Adults.

Kendra's Retreats and Parish Missions ignite the Spirit within. She shares the super natural experiences in her life, proven methods to go deeper in prayer, ways to discern God's will and keep Him the center of your life.

Your audience will be entertained, filled with hope and most importantly—leave changed!

Faith Coaching

Need some inspiration to keep God first in your life? Feeling stuck? Struggling to hear God's will for you? Not sure how to pray or easily distracted and lose focus? Need a spiritual companion to be there with resources and guidance for where you are on your journey?

I'm here to help!

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Pilgrimages are a way to enlighten and move the Spirit in you. I want to be there every step of the way and help you get closer to God with my personal Spiritual Director! Let's experience the miraculous graces together and enjoy the culture of the places we visit.

Ultimately, I just want to know you!

Upcoming Pilgrimages

Find Something More in Italy

February 13 - 20, 2020


Have no time for prayer, but you want to get closer to God? You only need 15 minutes! Let me lead you to a deeper relationship with God in the comfort of your own home with my unique VIDEO prayer course.

At the end of the 40 days, you will be changed!

Go Deep: Forty Days of Prayer, Love and Grace

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Kendra Von Esh smiling in front of the trees

Upcoming Events

Curious where Kendra will be in the future or where she has been in the past? You can find out here!

You will also find other media and appearances such as her Radio Maria Show and Shalom World News Anchor programs.

Listen to her numerous Radio and Podcast interviews or read her articles for Catholic Stand and Carpeverbum.

Enjoy the many ways she shares the love of Jesus with the world!