Faith  Coaching  with  Kendra  Von  Esh

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About Kendra

Kendra Von Esh was a Corporate Executive living the worldly life for decades, leaving it all behind when God found her, flipped her reality upside-down and transformed her life.

She is a renowned International Catholic Speaker, Shalom World TV News Anchor, Radio Host, Author and Podcaster who is passionate about helping others deepen their relationship with God and the Faith. 

Kendra is known for her down to earth style mixed with the right amount of humor and emotion. Her joy is contagious as she speaks at Conferences, Business Leadership Events and Parishes for Men, Women and Young Adults. She also leads retreats, parish missions and serves others as a personal Faith Coach.

She is passionate about building a community of spiritual companions to grow along with her on the journey.

Kendra Von Esh sitting on a bench